Key Strengths for Retailers

Our goal at AMG Products is to bring unique, innovative inventions to market that sell in high volume. AMG Products has over a 10 year proven track record with strong D&B rating and great credit scores. AMG is very well funded and very capable of handling large orders, warehousing, distribution and after sale support for our retail partners. AMG Products is EDI, PLI, GS1 complainant. AMG has robust funding for Media that is strategically timed for retail placement.

Key Strengths for Inventors

AMG Products goal for inventors is to ultimately help them get their product into stores…it's that simple! We have patent law attorneys we work with to get the inventors idea protected right off the bat. AMG Products has industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals that work as a team to develop our inventor's concept from any stage, through to a retail ready product, with retail packaging, correct bar codes etc.

Manufacturing Strengths

AMG Products has many long term factory partners in Asia. We have centralized manufacturing in three key areas of China as well as in Taiwan. AMG Products strives to partner only with very well established, reputable, and reliable manufacturers. In doing so we help prevent grey market products, we maintain a very high quality level for our products as well as our product packaging.

Ready to bring your concept to life?

At AMG Products, we understand that each project is unique, and requires a custom tailored plan. Give us a call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members about your innovative idea, so we can take you from seed to conception.

The AMG Products Difference

So you just came up with a great idea. What's next? In this day and age, bringing a new product to market is no easy task. AMG Products is comprised of seasoned industry vets, who can offer support and guide your project through every crucial step to successful market placement.

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