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Q: Is my invention safe with AMG Products Inc.?

A: The short answer is YES! Janne Levanen, our founder, is also an inventor and understands the concerns of pirating, grey marketing, etc.  At AMG we sign NDA’s with all our inventors and our goal is to protect their ideas so that we may both succeed. AMG Products has never and will never take someone’s idea and run with it. 

Q: How much will working with AMG Products Inc. end up costing me?

A: There is no set amount since all products and deals are different from one another. For instance, if your idea is just an idea without any design and development done, then there would be some costs associated with patenting, design and development. If your product is completely developed, with actual product in your warehouse in retail packaging then there would be no cost to get your product in front of retail buyers.

Q: Will I be able to sell my product to other companies after I partner with AMG Products Inc.?

A: Yes and No.

Yes you can sell to retailers, e-commerce sites, and other distributors while you are working with AMG.

No you may not partner with other distributors as AMG will have an exclusive agency agreement with the inventor and product. This means any sales you perform must be channeled through AMG Products and all PO’s must be given directly to AMG for production and distribution.

AMG Products will invest in marketing, selling, production, warehousing and they will leverage their connections in the market place to get your products placed into mass retail, that effort and expense needs to be protected so we both can benefit long term.

Q: How do I get paid and how do I know I’m being paid all that is owed?

A: AMG Products will enter into a binding agreement with the inventor. There will be a profit sharing, royalty or set amount per unit sold that we will agree on together. You will have the ability to audit AMG’s financials twice a year to see all orders, payments and costs associated with your product. This should give you piece of mind that you are getting a fair deal.

Q: What are common percentages or royalties for products?

A: AMG Products does not disclose percentages to anyone else, except our inventor partner. We can say that AMG pays well above the industry standard in royalties to our inventor partners.

Q: What happens if AMG Products tries to sell my product and fails?

A: Although these cases are rare, because AMG Products strongly vets each product prior to entering into an agreement, when it does happen we relinquish all rights at the end of the initial term of the agreement or sooner. It does AMG Products no service at all to sit on agreements for products that are not generating turn over. We will gladly give it back to you so that you can research other avenues.

Q: What happens if someone like P&G wants to buy the product idea or enter into a license agreement after I partner with AMG?

A: This would be a lovely situation for both the inventor and AMG Products! Ultimately a high level acquisition would be the most welcome deal for us! AMG Products understands that without your great idea none of this would be possible. We put great value on a successful idea and we do not forget that we are fortunate to have the rights. AMG Products also understand that there is only one thing that brings value to great idea…SALES… without sales, marketing and distribution great ideas lay dormant. AMG Products understands that the whole reason a P&G or Unilever would wish to acquire a product or brand is because it has shown great sales figures. That said AMG Products would enter into a mutually agreed upon split of the proceeds with the inventor. Again we can say that it will be above industry standard for such deals.